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Postgraduate Year

A Year to Remember

A Postgraduate Year at Kents Hill is the ideal way to sharpen your knowledge, nurture your growth, and evaluate your personal and professional goals before college. Your faculty mentor and individualized program will tackle what you need in order to be successful while rallying around what you love including art, athletics, and activities. Plus, you'll be one step ahead with dedicated college and career counseling.



The Postgraduate Year at Kents Hill allowed me to reach new heights on the ice and showed me the path that I needed to take in order to reach my dream college. But more importantly, my time at Kents Hill developed my character ... I know that I will be a better person no matter the path I choose.

Cameron W., Augusta, ME


Core Skills

  • College athletic recruitment
  • Career planning
  • Leadership style and entrepreneurship
  • Public speaking and interviewing
  • Research, writing, and editing
  • Ethics and decision-making
  • Self-advocacy strategies
  • Time management and organization