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Student Experience

In a community that is purposefully small, Kents Hill crafts a co-curricular experience where students are able to be their authentic selves and make meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.
Whether it's participating in athletics or afternoon activity, hanging out with friends in the Student Center, or being a part of an event programmed by the “Weekenders,” the Student Life Team is focused on building a student experience that offers variety, comfort and fun. Kents Hill is a supportive and diverse community where students feel seen, heard, and valued.


Growth and skill development are centered in all domains of the Kents Hill experience. Student clubs and activities provide a venue for students to explore and nurture their interests and develop hands-on experience in public speaking, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Advisory Program

Students are encouraged to explore their interests, try something new, and grow from success and failure. Advisors  serve as anchors to the community, helping students connect the dots and create an academic plan that is personalized and surrounded with support. 


Food nurtures the soul and keeps an active Husky fueled and on the move. The Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons serves as a central hub where faculty, staff, and students break bread, play, and enjoy the company of community. 

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

Knowing that your identity is centered in the Kents Hill experience guides our inclusive practices. Diversity, equity, and belonging are inextricably linked at Kents Hill, which pushes us to acknowledge and respond to identity-based disparities facing our people and communities.


Sports and activities at Kents Hill are designed to help students hone skills, be accountable to themselves and others, and develop grit and the courage to face challenges head-on.

Health and Wellness

Whether it concerns sleep, physical injury, emotional and mental health, or nutrition, the Health Center team is available to students to support their growth and wellbeing in mind and body.


More than a bed and a desk, campus housing provides community spaces where students rest, relax, and make friends.

Student Handbook

The ins and outs to the rules and expectations support students’ making decisions that personalize their academic and social experience. 

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The Student Experience Team

Rene Davis

Rene Davis

Associate Head of School
M.S., Bay Path University
Erica Chute

Erica Chute

Dean of Community Life
B.A., St. Michael's College
M.Ed., University of Southern Maine
Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Social Studies Teacher
B.A., College of Wooster
Joe Fitzpatrick

Joe Fitzpatrick

Clinical Director - Health Center

Lindsey Jenkins

Lindsey Jenkins

School Nurse
B.A., Brandeis University
B.S., Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing
Margaret Staggs

Margaret Staggs

School Nurse
B.A., University of Maine at Farmington